9 Essentials for Phone Solutions

Businesses VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone systems need to offer more than just a dial tone and voicemail. In today’s work-from-anywhere world, you need an integrated communications hub that allows you to improve customer engagement, enhance team productivity, and simplify your business operations. Anything less is outdated period.

Here is a checklist of the features and benefits you should expect from your phone system:

  • Unlimited HD voice calls from any computer or mobile phone, using your business or work number.
  • Voice conferencing and video conferencing with your team – no matter where you work.
  • The ability to send and receive text and picture messages from your business phone number.
  • Custom call routing to allow you to send messages and calls to the correct people automatically.
  • The ability to manage, view, and listen to business voicemails from the mobile Nextiva app – or even your email inbox.
  • Customizable caller ID for team’s business calls.
  • Collaboration tools that allow everyone on your team to share their screen.
  • The ability to message your team members with a single click in the NextivaONE app.
  • The ability to import a local or custom number with business phone service – with no extra charges.

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