Our Story

Founded by DL Smith in Topeka, Alltech emerged from humble roots as a complement to DL Smith Electric. What began as a communications venture grew into a thriving business under DL’s son-in-law, Mike Rothfuss, who left a corporate career to lead Alltech into a new era.
From grassroots efforts and persistent outreach to Kansas City’s bustling business landscape, Alltech steadily gained recognition for its quality products and exceptional service. As the company evolved, so did its offerings. Shifting from traditional telephone systems to cutting-edge cloud-based solutions and specialized cabling for diverse audiovisual and security needs, Alltech embraced technological advancements.
With a keen eye on industry shifts, Alltech prides itself on innovation. Leading the charge in technology transitions, such as adopting CAT6 cables early on and exploring AI’s impact on security, the company remains ahead of the curve.
Yet, at its core, Alltech cherishes family. Rooted in the Golden Rule, the company fosters a culture that values each member as family. This approach has resulted in remarkable employee loyalty, with most team members dedicating over a decade to the company.
These generational ties reflect Alltech’s commitment to creating a nurturing environment. With an eye toward the future, Alltech envisions continued growth while upholding its core values of respect, trust, and empowerment for its employees.

Our Expert Team

Our team members bring a wealth of experience and innovation to every project, ensuring cutting-edge technology meets personalized client needs. Committed to excellence and fueled by a shared dedication to quality service, our team of professionals will deliver solutions tailored to your business requirements.

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