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The Light at the End of Tunnel Isn’t a Train — Want to Know Why? 

In 2021, there was a seismic shift. A shift that represents one of the more dramatic movements in consumer behavior. For the first time since e-commerce became a buzzword, the growth of brick-and-mortar sales outpaced the growth of e-commerce sales. And, this wasn’t a fluke. The most obvious question to ask next is, “Why?”. And the answers to that question might not be what you think. But the result of this shift leaves no doubt — brick and mortar retailers now have a unique advantage over e-commerce retailers, provided they play their cards right.

Upgrading Your Phone System Could Be Your Ace in the Hole 

For many reasons, every business today is battling rising costs alongside shrinking margins, squeezing both sides of the profit equation. That said, now that the foundation has settled somewhat on consumer behavior, we now have a much better understanding of how people shop. Turns out, customers were missing the in-store experience more than anyone thought. This is an experience that e-commerce alone will never be able to deliver. But brick and mortar shops can — if they can move past the status quo. To take advantage of this shift, traditional retailers need to pivot to deliver on the experience that this new world consumer wants — because these consumers don’t like to wait around and they don’t like to give second chances.

What this means is that traditional retailers need to upgrade their phone system, so you can exceed your customers’ service expectations. 

So, How Is an Upgraded Phone System the Silver Bullet?  

Many traditional retailers still feel they need more people to support a hybrid shopping experience. Or, they didn’t know that a hybrid experience could work for them. But, what they aren’t considering is that adopting a unified communications platform will make businesses more productive, increase revenue and ensure customers are delighted.

The hybrid shopping experience can mean that businesses get more call volume — which is a good thing, if handled correctly. A unified communications platform gives you the opportunity to speak with shoppers directly, but also provides flexibility for shoppers to engage through whatever channel they prefer — including offering self-service support so customers can shop 24/7/365. And you don’t have to feel like you’re losing business (and you can get more rest).

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