Device Management

What is Device Management?

Device Management is the part of voice admin controls in the NextOS platform that allows an admin or user to configure and manage physical phones (i.e., devices).

It is part of a suite of tools and applications Nextiva provides customers and partners so they can easily manage and support users. These tools allow us (and our partners) to make and deliver promises of amazing service (which is one of Nextiva’s key differentiators).

It is included in all Nextiva voice plans.

Why is this valuable?

  • More self-service… and fewer calls to Nextiva
  • More system control and governance
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Better support and service levels

How does it benefit our customers?

It is of high value for multisite franchise accounts businesses with phones spread around a big office, and businesses supporting hybrid work with remote phones.

Before, a customer would have to call our support to 1) determine if the phone was online or offline. This is especially true for remote locations or a home office. Now you don’t have to physically touch phones to check on them. Admins are now able to easily check on device statuses through the admin portal.

For example – if a customer has 3 locations x 100/each phone.

How does the admin tell:

  • Is it connected and operating?
  • Does the phone need to be upgraded?
  • What is the inventory of all the phones?

Nextiva Device Management answers those questions.

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