Wrangling Cattle and Alltech’s Office: Vicki Harlin

Vicki Harlin serves as the Office Manager for Alltech, ensuring that day-to-day operations are seamless and efficient. With 17 years of experience, Vicki has consistently demonstrated her unwavering dedication and versatility as a technology professional.  

Vicki’s journey in the technology industry spans 27 years. It began when she worked in banking and finance, which eventually led to an employment offer with an electrical contracting company. Although she enjoyed her time in the contracting industry, Vicki found her way to telecommunications with Alltech. She was drawn to the idea of being part of a growing industry, always pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve. 

Outside of her role at Alltech, Vicki also manages a small cattle operation with her husband. Balancing her responsibilities at work and at the ranch is a testament to her exceptional time management and dedication to both aspects of her life. 

One of the things that sets Vicki apart is her dedication and strong work ethic. When given a task, she will stay working on it until it’s completed, ensuring that nobody is waiting on her for additional materials. Moreover, Vicki believes in maintaining a positive work environment and always tries to put a positive spin on any situation.  

Vicki is incredibly proud of her tenure with Alltech. She appreciates the business’s commitment to constantly improve what they offer customers. In a rapidly changing industry, Alltech’s willingness to embrace new ideas and technologies is what Vicki believes sets them apart. 

In addition to her professional successes, Vicki takes great pride in her achievements in training her Australian Shepherd as a herding dog to assist with livestock. This endeavor demands teamwork, patience, and presents both challenges and rewards as Vicki and her faithful companion work side by side. 

Vicki is an example of a dedicated and versatile technology professional. Her commitment to her work, positive attitude, and ability to adapt make her a huge asset to Alltech. 

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