Working Side by Side

Alltech Communications, a company that’s been a part of the same family for two generations, embodies what it truly means to be a family business. However, what sets it apart is the unique bond shared by four sets of fathers and sons working side by side within the company.

What’s the secret behind this extraordinary father-son dynamic? According to Mike Rothfuss, the driving force behind Alltech, it’s all about family values and a sense of unity. Mike believes in following the Golden Rule: treating others the way you want to be treated. For him, this translates into creating a workplace where everyone works together as a team and looks out for one another’s success.

In Mike’s eyes, success isn’t just about one person; it’s about each team member fulfilling their role. He believes in giving people the freedom to do their jobs without constant supervision, treating them fairly, and recognizing and rewarding their efforts.

This caring work environment, often referred to as company culture, has resulted in something remarkable—unprecedented employee loyalty. Most of Alltech’s 14 employees have been with the company for over 10 years, while senior technicians and other team members have dedicated more than two decades to the company’s growth.

One remarkable aspect of Alltech’s journey is the presence of multiple multigenerational pairs within its workforce. Sons have joined their fathers at Alltech, forging a bond that goes beyond merely being coworkers.

The Knoxsah duo, consisting of father Henry and son Jack, perfectly exemplifies this unique family-business relationship. Jack, who was working on his wiring skills under his father’s guidance while still in high school, joined Alltech as a full-fledged team member after graduation. Henry’s strong work ethic and mentorship set the stage for Jack’s impressive journey, which has now seen him become a crucial part of Alltech’s security division.

The Hoss pair, made up of senior technician Steve and his son Tyler, showcases another heartening story of family collaboration. Tyler, following his father’s footsteps, joined Alltech three years after Jack. Steve’s guidance and training allowed Tyler to grow from a cable puller to a skilled member of the security division, fostering a unique mentor-student relationship between father and son.

The Harrison Barr family, represented by Brad and his son Kaleb, adds yet another layer to this touching narrative. While Brad might not have spent as much time at Alltech as some others, his four years were enough to recognize the company’s potential. Brad’s belief in Alltech’s future guided Kaleb’s journey from cable puller to a key player in the security division, where he now works alongside his father.

Even Mike Rothfuss, the company’s owner, shares a father-son connection within Alltech. While still studying mechanical engineering, Mike’s son, Luke, has been working at Alltech during summers and holidays for the past four years. While Mike envisions his son exploring opportunities beyond Alltech, his colleagues hope Luke will eventually contribute his talents to the company’s ongoing success.

Alltech Communications isn’t just a company; it’s a family. Mike Rothfuss and his team have created an environment where people care for each other and share a strong sense of purpose. It’s a place where employees aren’t just valued for their output, but also for their individual efforts and ideas.

As the future unfolds, one thing remains clear: Alltech isn’t just transforming the world of communication and security; it’s also rewriting the playbook on what it means to be a family business, where every member is a valued part of a bigger family picture.

Content provided by Lisa Loewen

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